(but we put stuff on here anyway)
This page will have random things barely ever seen. Raw clips. Uncut footage.
Long ass clips.
Old pieces from when i was a younger and less old.
I cannot be held responsible for the quality or hilarity or presentation of any of it.
This is a page for those of you who want a little more.
a little look behind the scenes. a look at all the random things i've done that led me to today.

so let's start it off...

Two years ago I was cast as one of the lead roles in a Primetime NBC show called "The Real Wedding Crashers" which aired after "Heroes." We crashed real life weddings. This improvised scene is one of the several auditions that led to my being cast. In the scene with me is the hilarious Gareth Reynolds, who was also cast in the show.

And this is our last callback, the infamous network test, in front of all the producers and all the NBC Execs. About 20 people in the room watching us improvise on cue, judging our funniness. It worked out pretty well.

i used to have a late night tv talk show for national lampoon.
jessica biel was kind enough to be the first guest on this very low budget experience.
this clip is from i think 2002.

we got kicked out of our original studio the day before the shoot. we found this place and it was about 300 degrees in there. i was young and this was our first episode. this is nowhere near my best interview. jb did me such a favor by doing it i'll always appreciate it. her career has blown up to an even higher level recently, and no one could deserve it more. she is one of the sweetest people.
The iraqi battleship commercial in the middle was shot way before we invaded iraq, and hung saddam. UN weapons inspectors were still looking for wmd's, and saddam kept screwing with them, and it was thought he was moving them around, hiding them from the inspectors. Scot Richardson plays the young kid. He did a great job of seeming like a 9 year old. i look like i'm 4.

This is a link to the photo gallery from the original GLEIB.COM Click here to go here
And this is the video gallery from the original GLEIB.COM Click here to go there

2 years ago for father's day I brought my Dad up on stage to join me and try his hand at standup comedy. It was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had on stage. He was very nervous before going on but he kills it! Watch him catch fire up there! A natural. (Right after my story of our first time "eating brownies" together.)

From season two of my old late night talk show for the National Lampoon College Network, my buddies Adam Brody (The OC) and Bret Harrison (Reaper) came on and played America's favorite game show, "CELEBRITY ROOMMATE CHALLENGE"
(Circa 2004)

This is some of my old standup that I don't really do anymore.

This is the theme song and intro for the old Lampoon talk show.
song was composed by my buddy Ethan Schreiber.
The Gleib Show Theme

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A few years ago David Blaine had a 2 hour TV special where he was supposed to hold his breath underwater for 9 minutes, breaking the world record. (I'm sure it can be found on youtube.) It ended very disappointingly, with him falling short, then sorta crying to the crowd.
A couple days later at the Improv I tried to top it.
(feel free to start the vid at 4:25. the beginning is just normal material.)